Portable Air Purifier with 12 Pcs Replacement 5-Ply, Rechargeable Reusable Wearable

  • Brand: 4WDKING
  • Product Code: WDK-AM2
  • Availability: In Stock


About this item

  • Supplied fresh air respirator system is equipped with portable power sources mainly overcome the problems of big air intaking resistance, difficulties in breathing, and so on.
  • Unique electronic ventilation design system, to keep the fresh air flowing through your nose and mouth, suitable for long time use
  • With filter function,99.9% filter effect with Japan H13 high quality material filters
  • You can connect the electric air filter to the mask, goggles, and protective clothing and then optionally tie to arms, neck, waist, or head
  • Continuous 500hours working by each filter, adjustable wind speed, can be used for 8-10 hours with a full charge, larger battery capacity, longer working time

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